About // Dario Hässig
Hi there! 
My Name is Dario Hässig, a young photographer living in the north-east of Switzerland. I don't shy to travel all around or outside the country and give it all, to get authentic shots of different artists at their concerts or take photos of breathtaking landscapes deep in nature.
Currently I'm studying photography at the St. Gallen School of Design (HF Fotografie). During the three years, we'll be able learn everything there is to know for a freelance photographer in todays world with lots of competition.
Right at the time, where I got into photography, I started getting into hip-hop music as well. This probably set the perfect path for my progression from just shooting landscape images in the beginning, to doing lots of concerts at the moment.
Since the time I started shooting live shows, I got to shoot a lot of artists I listen to myself and got to work with many great people, venues and promoters including: